Texas Health & Safety Code

REQUIRED NOTICE UNDER Texas Health and Safety Code, Sec. 181.154:

Because our law firm gathers, stores, and electronically transmits medical and billing records (Protected Health Information — PHI), we are required to post a notice to alert individuals that their protected health information is subject to electronic disclosure.

Texas and federal law prohibits any electronic disclosure of an individual’s protected health information to any person without a separate authorization from the individual for each disclosure. This authorization for disclosure may be made in written or electronic form or in oral form if it is documented in writing by our law firm.

The authorization for electronic disclosure of protected health information described above is not required if the disclosure is made: to another covered entity, as that term is defined by Section 181.001, or to a covered entity, as that term is defined by Section 602.001, Texas Insurance Code, for the purpose of: treatment; payment; health care operations; performing an insurance or health maintenance organization function described by Section 602.053, Texas Insurance Code; or as otherwise authorized or required by state or federal law. In other words, no further authorization is necessary for electronic disclosure to other health care providers, insurance companies, health plans and health plan sponsors, governmental agencies, or lawyers representing adverse parties.

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