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A Proven Reputation

As a benchmark of integrity in our practice, the firm has consistently been awarded an "AV" rating by Martindale-Hubbell -- the highest rating a law firm can earn for competence in law practice. Sullins Johnston Rohrbach & Magers attorneys have been involved in "cases of first impression," important cases that made new precedent in key areas of health care provider law, employment law and business law.

Cutting-Edge Innovation

Technology can't make us better lawyers any more than law books can, yet we know that staying current with the latest tools and techniques of business can help us be more responsive to our clients and provide them a competitive edge. That's why we continually upgrade our technology resources, as well as our ability to use them.

A One to One Approach

Legal clients deserve the one-to-one attorney-client relationship that's essential to effective representation, communication and trust. Our clients receive individualized services backed by a support team of lawyers and staff with a depth of experience in many practice areas. We consider this one-to-one approach to be our professional obligation.


Fred Sullins

1927 - 2008

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Michael Johnston

1947 - 2018

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Gail Magers

1939 - 2018

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History of

The attorneys at Sullins Johnston Rohrbach & Magers have represented Texas business interests since 1970:

As business has changed over the years, we have expanded and developed our practice to address that change. We recognize how critical it is for the lawyer to innovate and the law firm to diversify in order to anticipate and meet client needs today and tomorrow.

Just as our practice spans five decades of change, it also spans a variety of industries and practice areas. Our clients range from manufacturing to retail enterprises and from healthcare providers to service companies. Our collective experience encompasses a full spectrum of organizations, from multimillion-dollar corporations to family enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures with clients that include executives, business owners, employees and individuals.

To Preparation

Our attorneys are prepared and consistently exemplify the firm’s strong work ethic. In any legal matter, no lawyer can promise a certain outcome, yet we believe that experience, preparation, hard work and tenacity are critical to ensuring the best result possible.


We are committed to earning the trust of our clients through integrity, backed by professional knowledge and training. We provide excellent legal service, employing sound business principles and good, old-fashioned hard work. We seek to develop opportunities for our clients and our people, providing a stable working environment for employees while keeping mindful of our responsibility to serve our clients and the greater community in which we live.

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